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At the age of 12 Werner found his love for dogs. 

His grandmother's brothers were passionate admirers of German Sheperds. Jakob Eining, his godfather (Kennel vom Heidengraben) and Fritz Einig (Kennel from Haus Einig) first got him interested in working with dogs. 1953 marked the arrival of Asta, a female German Sheperd. However, Werner was interested in having a pure blood so he bought Roll von der Badener Höhe, a grandson of Rolf OLsnabrücker Land. In 1954, he was rated with a SG2 at the LG-Show hosted by the LG Rhineland-Palatinate and therefore laid down the foundation for a life as breeder and exhibitor. At the beginning, however, Werner settled for just training his dog Roll and achieved, as a beginner at the age of 16, the LG qualifier in Mainz. His first time as a spectator and handler at the Bundessiegerzuchtschau (Regional Winner Breeders Show) was in 1955, and he has not missed a single one, of what is the most important event for the Kennel, since. 

1956 marks the arrival of the female Gunda vom Felstertal at our kennel. Finally in 1958, our kennel "Vom Hasenborn" is registered in the SV. The first litter after Roll and Gunda leads the headway for many more successful pairings. Up to 1980, Werner trained his dogs himself, which at this instant were between 100 and 120 animals. Under chairman Ludwig Weber of the LG, he also functioned as handler for the liscencing and approval  ceremony within the LG. At the same time, he volunteered as a member of the commitee of the OG Heimbach-Weis. 

Parallel to this, deep friendships developed: Walter Martin, Heinrich Meßler, Adolf Keilwerth, Klaus Gothe and Heinz Scheerer just to name a few. 

Well known breeding also found its place in our kennel; Karl Klug asked to know whether there was place for a fosterpuppy and so it happened that Bernd Lierberg came to our kennel.

1968 marked Werner's biggest success so far, Dunja vom Hasenborn was corwned as Worldchampion of the Youth Dog Female Category. 

As part of his friendhship with Heinz Scheerer, the next highlight in his career as a breeder occured. Out of the pairing between Nick v. d. Wienerau and Yanka Hühnegrab originates the first VA male Natz vom Hasenborn (VA 83/84/85/86).

In 1986 Natz was announced as the Vice Worldchampion in Hamburg, as well as our Quinte v. d. Burg Reichenstein was crowned Worldchampion in the Female Youth Dog Category. 

1988 marks the year that Frank became active in our kennel. Nicol vom Hasenborn was the first female he ever trained completely by himself and directly got SG7 during the Winnersshow in Bremen in the Category Female Youth Dog. 

In 1991 the next VA male Hoss vom Haseborn followed (VA 91/92/93/94). 

Meanwhile, Frank took over as chairman of the OG Heimbach-Weis from his dad. 

1997 in Düsseldorf marked the time when Unsa vom Hasenborn was crowned with the VA Title, the highlight of the breeder career in our kennel. 

At the moment we have two mother bloodlines, which reach back 9 generations to Ola vom Hasenborn. This is something, that we as breeders are very proud about. 

For years the work at our kennel has been carried out by many hands, Werner, his sons Frank and Markus, as well as his granddaughter Jana Marie work together to stem the workload that comes with running a kennel. 

All of our successes would not have been possible without the aid of friends and helpers, therefore we would like to thank everyone who was involved. We hope that there are many more generations of healthy and beauitful German Sheperds at Hasenborn. 

Since November 2015, Werner passed down his position as breeder of the kennel to his eldest son Frank.


Frank Maxein